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NACC Club Policies

Child Safety

North Alphington is a proud signatory to Cricket Victoria's Child Safe & Member Protection Declaration, attached below.

For further information regarding Cricket Victoria's child safe policies, visit: and additional documents below.

If you have any concerns about child safety at NACC or need more information, please contact our Child Safety Officer Megan Edwards on 0418 695 165 or email at:

NACC Policies

North Alphington CC is a club based on principles of respect for team mates and opponents alike.  All players, parents, coaches and other volunteers are expected to adhere to codes of conduct and other policies when representing our club.  


Please reach out to the committee if you need further information.

Child Safe & Member Protection Declaration

CV Member Protection Policy Bylaw

Code of Conduct - Parents / Guardians

Cricket Australia Child Safety Policy

Code of Conduct - Players

Code of Conduct - Coaches

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